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The predecessor of Jiaozuo Zhongzhou Carbon Co., Ltd. was Jiaozuo City Tanning Leather Glue Co., founded in 1964. It mainly produces leather glue and leather goods, and is under the jurisdiction of Jiaozuo City Handicraft Association. In 1969, the company changed its name to “Gaozuo City Red Flag Leather”. Glue Factory", in 1970, the company began trial production of regenerative electrodes, and product development began to transform into carbon. In 1972, the company changed its name to "Jiaozuo City Electric Carbon Factory". In 1975, it was owned by Jiaozuo City Chemical Industry Bureau. In 1979, it began trial production of graphite electrodes. In 1980, it was successfully trial-produced. After many technical changes, it gradually expanded production. In 1981, the company changed its name to “Zhongzuo Zhongzhou Joint Venture Electric Carbon Factory”. In 1986, the company changed to “Jiaozuo Zhongzhou Carbon Factory”. In 2000, it was unified by the municipal government and was merged by Jiaozuo Chemical General Factory. The meeting discussed and confirmed that after the enterprise's independent application and approval by Jiaozuo Chemical Industry Bureau, the system was changed and the name was changed to “Jiaozuo Zhongzhou Carbon Co., Ltd.”. In 2002, the company's production plant was moved from No. 28, Yuanjian Road, to the west of the Chemical Plant of Zhongzhan District, Jiaozuo City. In April 2013, the company imported 3,000 tons of vertical pressure electrode forming machine from the United States Yili Company. The installation was completed at the end of 2016. The trial production was successful in April 2017, and the whole set of equipment was put into effect at the end of 2018.