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Outdoor equipment refers to some equipment that needs to be configured to participate in various adventure tours and outdoor activities. These include: tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, mats or air cushions, climbing ropes, rock nails, seat belts, risers, descenders, size locks, rope sets, hailstones, rock hammers, small hailstones, crampons, poles , helmets, snowboards, alpine glasses, down pants, windbreaker pants, sweater pants, gloves, alpine boots, socks, cold hats, ice cones, snow cones, cookware, stoves, multi-function water bottles, straws or water purification cups , compasses, telescopes, contour maps or other materials, waterproof lamps, various tools, etc. These outdoor gears are chosen according to individual economic conditions and specific outdoor activities, but it must be noted that outdoor activities must be guaranteed to be safe, and that inferior outdoor products cannot be purchased because they are cheap.